Neuromarketing and consumer analytics to measure how your customers think and feel


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Neuromarketing is all about understanding and predicting human decision making at its deepest level.


We think it should be at the core of your business.


However, employing neuromarketing requires knowledge about the brain as well as specific technical and scientific competences.


In addition to our research services, ISENSE offers a wide range of solutions to coach professionals and train your team on neuromarketing and its powerful tools.


Traditional market research does not capture consumer decision-making on-the-fly and it often fails to reveal what consumers really think and feel. 

At ISENSE, we use smart sensors to capture consumer behavior on-the-spot and we measure bio-signals (e.g. brain response, arousal, heart rate, ...) to unveil the unconscious and emotional drivers of decision-making. 

Our approach provides more accurate, more useful, and more actionable insights for your enterprise.

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"In God we trust. All others must bring data"

(W. Edward Deming)

Our experienced and skilled team offers top-quality research solutions, tailored to your specific needs.


We offer personalized support in every stage of the project to assure your marketing strategy is successful.


With more than 10 years' experience in the research industry, ISENSE goes far beyond consumer insights.


We aim at quantifying your impact and make sure your strategy leads to success.


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