Research solutions

Flexible and tailor-made


Consumer analytics

Real-time face analysis to measure your audience on-the-fly


Know the age and gender of your costumers, measure their emotion and engagement, evaluate the attractiveness of your products in an objective manner, and retarget the media content on the fly.

Test if your shop window attract new costumers

With our smart cameras you can measure the engagement of your costumers with your shop window and perform A | B testing to test different configurations and optimize your visual merchandising strategies. 


Ads testing: measure the emotional response to your creatives


Pre-test your ads material in less than 24 hours with our mobile neurolab, measure the unconscious emotional reactions of your costumers and be sure you take the right decision.


Brand positioning and brand image


Use our implicit test to understand and measure the semantic associations of your brand in the consumers' mind, compare it with the competitors and empower your brand with a distinctive and positive image.